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Beautiful. Versatile. Soft and breathable. Discover the Boden sofa, an inspiring piece of furniture that's green inside and out.

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Breathe by Milliken® Kaleidoscope

Introducing Milliken's latest digitally printed fabrics.

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Highly Styled. Highly Functional.

Milliken Specialty Interiors designs and manufactures fabrics for privacy curtains that can be found in hospitals and healthcare providers across the country.

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For the earth, for your home, for your family.

Breathe by Milliken® fabrics were designed with your world and the whole world in mind. Our plant-based repellency is fluorine-free making our fabrics better for your family and the planet.

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Introducing ReVive™ Sustainable Theater Curtains

Combine and Conquer: Two Industry Leaders Team Up to Create the Theater Curtain of the Future

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Solving for a Better Tomorrow

Discover Milliken's 2025 sustainability goals and view our sustainability reports.


    Why Milliken

    We Make More than Fabric.
    We Make History.

    Milliken Specialty Interiors is changing the industry every single day.

    And we’re doing it by focusing on more than the color, feel, texture or performance of a fabric; we’re doing it by focusing on the future, as well. That’s why you’ll find Milliken fabrics in some of the most thoughtfully designed homes, offices, hotels and hospitals across the world. 
    From acoustic panels and sofas to privacy curtains and task chairs, our unrivaled knowledge and unmatched service provide our customers with forward-thinking solutions that enhance their products and strengthen their brands. That knowledge comes from more than 150 years in the textiles industry. And it comes from more than 100 PhDs on staff and 5,000 worldwide patents. 
    Our history — and the expertise it imparts — makes us more than just a mill. We don’t simply make fabric; what we ultimately produce are solutions. Whether it’s as simple as a custom color or as complex as creating an environmentally friendly, water-repellent fabric that still satisfies industry regulations, we answer your challenges.

    • Innovative Processes
    • Lasting Relationships
    • Responsive Employees
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    Breathe by Milliken


    June 25, 2020

    Behind the Scenes: A Look into our Design Process

    Have you ever wondered how fabric designs come to fruition? From the initial spark of an idea to the moment the fabric is presented to a customer, an intricate process occurs. The design team at Milliken Specialty Interiors explains it here: Initial Inspiration The things that inspire a designer are as individual and unique as their personalities. We believe it’s important to have a variety of contributors to our aesthetic so that our customers get a broader scope of work. Some designers are touched by nature, world movements,...

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    Introducing Breathe by Milliken®

    BREATHE by Milliken® fabrics were designed to reflect today's lifestyles and values.

    As the name implies, the fabrics are clean, pure and simple. There’s nothing sprayed on at the end of the manufacturing process — everything about BREATHE is fiber-forward. The water-repellent is plant-based, so there isn’t any fluorine to worry about. The fibers are either natural or recycled. And it meets CAL 117 without additives. Essentially, BREATHE was created for all us who share this planet and the belief that little things can make a big difference.

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