Creating a Retreat in the Most Unlikely Setting

People want to feel comfortable and at ease in any environment. But, a clinical setting is rarely a stress-free or relaxing environment when you or a loved one are ill. These emotions, paired with bustle and noise, can make hospitals and healthcare facilities overwhelming for most of us.

In this type of setting, the little things can mean a lot. A comfortable chair or inviting area can help ease our minds a bit. Milliken knows that textiles can contribute to this sense of calm by adding warmth, texture and ambiance. Perhaps the most significant factor in this is color, which evokes an instant and often visceral emotional response that can help improve and enhance the mood of any room.

As part of our Milliken Essentials™ line, fabrics in our Retreat collection are designed to help create a personal haven in the busiest and most stressful of settings. Combining durability, a beautiful drape, soft feel and a thoughtfully considered color palette, the Retreat healthcare collection offers a relaxed and spa-like feel with tonal colors.

Featuring soft blues, pale greens and colors inspired by nature, Retreat fabrics promote a sense of calm and offer a brief respite for patients and staff alike. From privacy curtains to window applications, our fabrics will continue to perform for years to come while enhancing the personal sense of well-being of those around them.

We invite you to explore our latest Retreat collection of fabrics to learn more about how Milliken can enhance your health care textile product offerings.

Category: Innovation