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Milliken Specialty Interiors creates fabrics that make a house feel like a home. Fabrics that look and feel bespoke, but stand up to spilled wine, pillow forts and movie night. Fabrics that meet — and, in many cases, exceed — industry regulations. Fabrics that are as good for the environment as they are for your brand.

Suggesting a fabric can have such a large impact may seem like hyperbole, but when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find it’s fairly accurate. And that’s because materials matter. They matter to us, to you, to the environment and, of course, to consumers. With that in mind, Milliken created a new collection of fabrics that’s completely in tune with the environment. 

Breathe by Milliken®

Peace of Mind.
In a Piece of Fabric.

It’s called Breathe by Milliken®. And, as the name implies, the fabrics are clean, pure and simple. There’s nothing sprayed on at the end of the manufacturing process — everything about BREATHE is fiber-forward. The water-repellent is plant-based, so there isn’t any fluorine to worry about. It meets CAL 117 without additives. And the fibers are either natural or recycled.

Not surprisingly, all of the fabrics in the collection have achieved GREENGUARD® Gold certification, which means the fabrics are scientifically proven to meet the world's most rigorous chemical emission standards — and that means they improve indoor air quality.

And they’re as functional as they are fashionable. They’re ready for Sunday football, dinner parties and weekend sleepovers. The abrasion resistance of the fabrics are at least 2x the industry standard. They’re tough, but they feel soft. They’re natural, but they clean easily. It’s a marvel of modern science. And it’s only available through Milliken.

  • Plant-Based Water Repellent
  • Natural & Recycled Fibers
  • No VOCs or Added Formaldehyde

Available in 100% Cotton, Polyester, and Poly-Blend Options.

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Repels Stains. Attracts Attention.

Water- and Oil-Based Stains Clean Easily


Made in America. Made for Everyday Life.

2x the Industry Standard for Abrasion Resistance

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