Innovation Feels at Home Here™


What does it take to make a home? Home is where we enjoy the company of friends and family, relax after busy days, and develop some of our best ideas. At Milliken Specialty Interiors, we recognize there is no place like home. Every piece of furniture, fabric, and flooring tells your home’s unique story. That’s why we designed our showroom to be an inviting space that allows visitors to experience all the ways Milliken Specialty Interiors and other Milliken products can transform any area into a home.

A Focus on Feeling


Inspired by its design philosophy of carefully curating colors and putting a modern spin on classic hues to enhance the desired feelings and experience in each room, Milliken Specialty Interiors developed a showroom color palette to evoke the emotive responses of relaxation, inspiration, and engagement.

The Milliken Specialty Interiors showroom color palette consists of neutral tans and grays with hints of blush tones and blues. Subtle nods to the Milliken blue and Breathe blue/green are presented in the unique watercolor flooring statement piece. Calming and reflective of nature and growth, the neutral, blue, grey and green color tones welcome guests into a retreat that evokes peace of mind and emphasize Milliken’s brand traditions of sustainability and innovation.

Milliken History and Expertise


When developing our showroom, we strived to create a welcoming, alluring, enlightening, and revealing space. Our showroom emphasizes our history to tell the Milliken and Breathe brand story because our products make up more than sofas and chairs, Milliken products perform better and contribute to a better world.

From flooring to napery, Milliken offers a wide-range of solutions for the home. Milliken has been leading the way in fabric innovation for decades. With nearly 150 years in solving problems for customers and consumers, our history is interwoven into every product and proudly exhibited throughout the showroom.

Milliken’s messaging wall gives showroom visitors a glimpse into Milliken’s chemical, textile, and flooring divisions. With a focus on Milliken Specialty Interiors, the messaging wall features Breathe by Milliken demonstrating how Milliken’s history of sustainable manufacturing informs better homes for the future.

The Eye of the Beholder

Whether you want to relax, feel more connected to nature, get a feel for our design prowess, learn more about Milliken’s brand drivers and expertise, or discover the breadth of our product lines, the Milliken Specialty Interiors showroom has something for everyone.  We invite you to come experience the space for yourself at December Showtime. We promise to make you feel right at home.

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