Shades of Innovation

The process of exploring, discovering and creating new ways to enhance daily life comes in many different forms – the creativity invited by this challenge introduces limitless possibilities. These possibilities are furthered by the use of research, science, technology, teamwork in the pursuit of meaningful innovations; yet, an often-overlooked element in enhancing daily life can come in the form of color.

For our Specialty Interiors business, color is an essential part of offering customer-appealing fabrics to the market. As a major differentiator, superior color selection provides designers with the tools they need to help bring their vision to life. Most of Milliken Specialty Interiors’ fabric styles come in more than 15 colors, allowing for a wide array of choices and customization opportunities that consumers have come to appreciate.

By blending choices with the solutions-focused, innovative textiles Milliken is known for, Specialty Interiors is able to provide market-leading fabrics for both the residential and commercial sectors.


Senior Dyeing Technologist Daniel Maycock characterizes the need for a vast color selection perfectly: “Color adds life. Our job is not only to add that life; we also add consistency by the verification steps, by the computer controls and by the fantastic people we have working with us. This dedication not only ensures the very best color selection – but it also ensures our end users are receiving the highest quality product.”

Recently, Specialty Interiors hosted a Love Good Color workshop on campus to expand the way we think about and approach color. This workshop allowed our associates to understand, iterate and communicate color in a whole new way.

As LeAnne Flack reflected, “it was great to add to our language of color. Having a common dialogue as a team helped us to better connect color to emotion. This becomes a powerful tool to providing meaningful designs.”

By harnessing the emotive and expressive qualities of color, Milliken associates are able to layer in new dimensionality to our innovations and create unique ways to enrich the world in which we live.

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