Quick Ship

Ships in 2 weeks or less

Terms & Conditions:
  • Program begins May 15, 2021
  • Ship within 2 weeks from Order Acknowledgment by Milliken & Company
  • Delivery times may vary and are based on destination
  • 1 roll (50yd) minimum
  • Only full roll increments - no cut yardage
  • Orders above 4 rolls / 200 yards can receive 4 rolls within 2 weeks with the balance shipping within standard lead times - 4 to 6 weeks
  • Style & Color specified above
  • All purchase orders for this program must be marked Quick Ship

All commercial transactions, offers and acceptances are exclusively subject/limited to and conditioned upon our terms posted at our Terms and Conditions page. We object to and reject any additional/different terms and conditions unless we expressly agree to them in writing.

Samples will not be sent until after the program begins.