Top Design Resources: Designer Recommended

For those outside of the design world, the resources that designers use can be somewhat of a mystery. A significant part of a designer's job is to be knowledgeable about the latest trends and color stories to best meet their customers' needs, as well as the end consumers' desires. It's essential to stay informed of what's going on in the market for which they are developing. But where can someone find all of that information?

Our Milliken Specialty Interiors designers have a collection of resources that they use to make them the go-to people others trust for design decisions that will move businesses forward. While most of our ideas develop through collaboration and partnership with our customers, many ideas spark because of dedicated research and design resources that we access throughout the year.

Top Shows for Trend Watching

With the variety of markets that Milliken provides solutions to, there are endless shows that we could attend. We have found that the most useful in terms of trend and color information for our markets are:

Trend Forecasting

With the world literally at your fingertips, there are many resources online that the design team at Milliken relies on to stay current. Since we can't attend every single show around the world, these become great channels for us to gain a broader world-view on specific trends, as well as validation for things we are preparing to launch into the market. Our favorites:


The Importance of Color

The number one reason people choose one item over another? Color. It permeates nearly every daily decision we make and has incredible psychological influence. Color is a vital part of the design process at Milliken. Our designers work closely with internal manufacturing partners to ensure that the colors they match are precisely what the customer needs. Tremendous color resources exist online and through conferences that we attend throughout the year. Our favorites:

We are incredibly proud of the partnerships that we have with our customers. Milliken recognizes the importance that collaboration plays in our customers' decision to work with us, and we value the conversations and brainstorming that we're able to have with our partners that spark ideas and lead to innovative products. Every day we're inspired. From online resources to conferences and tradeshows, we're continually staying in-the-know to serve our customers best. Try these resources out for yourself and get a conversation started with us on one of our social media channels. Learn more at www.millikenspecialtyinteriors.com.